»that which is cannot be true.« this is a fucking nightmare. faux-beauty reveals its terror and all of our lifes are fucking damaged.


there is no life, no life that lives / broken and damaged, rotten and void / from bad to worse and nine to five / i feel fucking buried alive. we’re there for the things, just mere adjuncts caught in a daily routine that tears us apart / nauseating madness, it’s a devouring bane / no one can win in a destructive game / we are buried alive. it produces just for its own sake / torture and death, whatever it takes. »under the terms of a capitalist mode of production our needs are just secondary. we are degraded to mere adjuncts of the capitalist machinery whose only purpose is the realization of capital. the daily capitalist routine is a constant assault on our lifes.


can’t you hear the sound of crushing bones? can’t you see all this gear wheels everywhere? our whole existence is spend in agony / we are born to lose in this filigree. and even if the world was to end tomorrow everyone would continue to work. can’t you smell all this burnt skin? it’s so disgusting. and can’t you feel the weals on your hands? all beauty here is only shallow and void / this right now is the catastrophy. and i just don’t need tomorrow, if i am rotting away today. no, i just don’t need tomorrow, if i am rotting away today. »the catastrophy is not something that will come up sometime in the future. it’s already here now. everyday life is the catastrophy!


welcome to the realm of mud and morons, where everyone devotes oneself for the nations sake. but i won’t lift a finger for this faux-monolith, ‚cause all the things it garantuees mean shit to me. i hate its order and what it wants from me. i won’t lift a finger for this bloody construct, it keeps up the sorrow and maintains the shit. i wanne see its fucking decline! suffocate! it’s not in my veins, it’s not in my heart, it’s not in my head! my heart does not beat for an empire of distress! »well, this song’s about the state and the nation. it’s quite impossible to explain why we critize both in a few sentences. it’s way too complex. but we try to sketch it: the state – with its monopoly on the use of force, its laws and the „freedom“ and „equality“ it ensures – secures the basis of capitalist relations of domination and exploitation; it secures the general material conditions of capital accumulation. the nation is a efficacious (ideological) construct. we deny it. the nationalist ideology sees similarities where are – in fact – differences (e.g. wageworker and capitalist) and alleges distinctions, where we (rather) find similarities. the state and the nation are NOT there for you; they are no tools for emancipation or can be used in order to reach „the good life“, but they determine your (and others) permanent damage. no love for a nation & hate the state!


reality is dragging me down, all i see is cold steel and concrete. i try to resist despair, but the dust is so heavy; it poisons the air. mountains of trash is all that i see. embraced by deadness i can barely breath. where is the way of ouf this calamity? these days are grey! but my gazes goes straight to the horror and it defies the sickening sight. and i will, i will keep a smile, they’re funerals where people don’t cry. a gently curved gravur on my chest reads: „today in ruins is what i want to see.“ as long as i can fucking breath, i hold my ground against this absurdity. these days are grey! …hahahaha. i won’t break! i will resist! »it actually seems naive to think about revolution today, but it’s much more stupid to be fooled by this into trying to arrange yourself with the status quo or even accept it.


the bleary gaze is trapped in deception. a deceiving truth that says the tides can’t be turned. what is now did not appear out of thin air, what a corrput concern that does not bother to bare. we are sinking and drowning in mystification, thinking in circles and don’t get ahead. fairy tales and fallacies. what we rose hived off, mangling our lifes. this fucking bleakness is what we have created. this fucking bleakness was raised through our hands. this fucking bleakness can also be crushed through our hands. the bleary gaze is trapped in deception. you are not starring at a wall. is there a light at the end of the tunnel? the walls of ignorance, tear them all down! »capitalism is not – like some ideological forms of thinking say – something natural or god-given. capitalism is a historically developed social relationship produced by humans. therefore it can – theoretically – also be transcended by them.


something uncanny is going on. i see the speed and the elation. and their fucking conviction. and this is burial. and from the crackerbarrel and from the streets i hear sinister voices, they give me the creeps. toxic spit and slaughterous tongues unleashing crude and murderous songs. all this resentments and all this frustration, filled with false hopes, blind demonization. it starts with the gross bloodshed in their heads and ends with real red blood on their hands. no sympathy for those distorted pictures in their heads. no tolerance for the baiting mob. no ’salvation‘, but annihilation. we don’t wanna see more alleys filled with blood. we’re so sick of the disgusting mob. enough vast violence and irrational thoughts. no more pogroms and no more scapegoats! »against regressive & reactionary thoughts.


long convoluted corridors like a maze / keep you imprisoned with a deadly embrace. the king is dead, we are not enslaved; but what we rose and reproduce is depraved. a misleading fallacy rejects our fault. the shadows above us are no silhouettes of man. good or evil, it almost carries no weight. you can’t desecrate what never was great. there are no predators in the dark. there are no puppet players in the dark. and the end of our tragedy is not when all their necks will be hung…

»capitalism is not a conspiracy of a few, it works because we work. it unfolds in the abscence of a particular subject. there are no evil people that pull the strings and rule the world (e.g. the ruling class, the rich ones, jews, etc.) and there is just no simple dichotomy of opressors and the opressed. in fact, even capitalists have to play this game. we have to attack the roots of capitalist society, if we really wanna change something. against a shortened critique of capitalism and personifications: fight the game, not the players! (btw. saying this doesn’t mean we are denying the fact that there is a contradiction between work and capital, that there is exploitation, etc.).


fallen leaves on the ground. broken teeth, open wounds. the living room is my death row. reality owes me a fucking life. and when the abyss gazes also into me: does it see what i am? does it see that i don’t want to rot? we are fucked in this world of nails and broken bones. debased and neglected. still breathing but already dead. swallowed by this bleak mechanisms, still breathing but already dead. no place to hide and no place to rest. still breathing but already dead. this is a nightmare! »the capitalist mode of production commodifies every aspect of our lives under the merciless rule of value; it even affects our thinking and our relationships with other people. this is a nightmare and not the way we want to live.


Please note:

Yeah! We have so called „political songs“, but song lyrics are no books and they can’t replace them. We don’t think that we have the master plan, we don’t think that we know it all, we are no political group – And for sure we also make mistakes – and we don’t only mean those concerning our bad english and spelling. So feel free to contact us, criticize and discuss with us.



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  1. Akim

    Ahh that’s soo good, dudes, really!

    September 2, 2011 um 1:21 pm

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